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Local L.A. TV Show "The Rustam Report" Approaches 50 Episodes PRESS RELEASE

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Local L.A. TV Show "The Rustam Report" Approaches 50 Episodes

September 4, 2006 (LOS ANGELES) - Though the half-hour weekly series currently airs throughout Los Angeles County, "The Rustam Report" hosted by Denise Ames, has managed to gain quite a following internationally and the response has been amazing! The program has received feedback from celebrities who have appeared on the show as well as viewers whom have requested numerous copies from all over the world. With 48 completed episodes, the show looks forward to Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick as the next guest. Internationally renowned industrial rock band KMFDM’s founder Sascha Konietzko’s appearance will mark the 50th episode! Here is what people are saying about the ever expanding and exciting program:

"Denise is a tough interviewer - she doesn't throw out softball questions.  She's informed, well-prepared and is clearly very good at what she does. Those television viewers wanting real news and information would be well served by having more news professionals like Denise Ames."  LEROY D. BACA, Los Angeles County Sheriff

"The Rustam Report allows Denise Ames the ability to be the new female version of Charlie Rose, most important in this day and age, and in our community!"  LINDA BLAIR, Actress and Animal Activist

"The Rustam Report will draw national attention with Denise an anchor/host. It seems to cover all the entertainment media and her voice is perfect for it." - Xavier (Manteca, Ca)

"She does her homework...and makes you feel very comfortable! Doing the show is a breeze!" FRITZ COLEMAN (KNBC-4 News)

"Channeling the late great Jessica Savitch - Denise carries herself with such verve and panache, is very much her own woman, but no mistaking, Jessica resides somewhere inside of her!" Lyric L. (San Francisco)

"I've done millions of interviews since giving myself away to the world of Rock, but not many interviewers really know what the mighty RATT band was all about. I really open up and feel comfortable with only so many people in this biz. Denise is the Best!" STEPHEN PEARCY, (formerly of) RATT

"Landed on "The Rustam Report" and was struck by how much better an interviewer you are than those talking heads on E! Channel or Entertainment Tonight, as you actually know your subject matter!" - Lance S. (Los Angeles)

"Denise is a terrific television host. She is well prepared, a good listener and very entertaining. I enjoyed being a guest on her show." GLORIA ALLRED, Attorney/ALLRED MAROKO & GOLDBERG

"My favorite interview was with Attorney Gloria Allred. You touched upon many key issues that mean a lot to me! Her book "Fight Back and Win" is great...The issues of Equality and Privacy are often overlooked as a social norm and things like that need to be brought more into the public light! A very well done interview!" - Wolfgang S. (Maryland)

"Denise is truly a beautiful professional in this day and age of carbon-copy reporters. I love her in-depth coverage of everything she reports on, and I am so impressed with the amount of research she must do in order to ask such insightful and pressing questions! I love the show and will be a fan of her work always!" – Amanda B. (Los Angeles)

"Denise is a real pro! Why is this not on national TV?" - Ken (Ohio)

"Fast moving and fun -- enjoyed my time with Denise on The Rustam Report! I look forward to a return visit." STEVE COOLEY, Los Angeles District Attorney

"Denise should be on the national level or something even greater, because her interviews are beyond spectacular!!" - Gonz (U.S.)

"Your TV show really Rocks and you're the biggest and most sexiest personality among all other Hollywood Leaders!!!" - Hollywood Pro (Beverly Hills)

"Denise is in the "biz" and clearly loves it and knows it. Because of her outreach and comfortable factor, I was never once aware of being taped or the fact there was even a camera in the room. She kept everything moving and was in complete control and made the entire experience a real joy. She is absolutely beautiful with a wonderful major league on-air presence. I can not wait to see her when she lands her next gig on network TV. " JACK O’NEILL, [former] Vice President at NBC Universal  

"Your show is really captivating! You have such a wonderful, professional image and demeanor in your interviews and solo reports. And I love your smile, which is also very important!" - Anthony W. (Quebec, Canada)

Denise lights up the screen with her warmth, intelligence and genuine interest in her guests...BRAVO!" - Peggy (New York)

"Denise Ames is the Fox News Channel of Rock!  Her drive and commitment is amazing! Denise knew things of me that I didn't know!" VINNY APPICE, Musician/DIO, BLACK SABBATH

"Denise is certainly a very talented successful woman and I truly appreciate her amazing work.
I loved it and I will recommend it to all my friends and business associates here in Germany and in Europe."
- Adrian (Hechingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

"I think it's great that you have acquired such novelties on your show. You have an exquisite side of yourself that allows news to unfold naturally my dear." - Butch W. (Ontario, Canada)

"Denise Ames is a very professional, experienced interviewer with direct and exploring questions and a keen focus on community issues. Her knowledge of current events and important programs in the Los Angeles region makes her a quality reporter, and I have enjoyed the experience of working with her."
DENNIS P. ZINE, Councilman - 3rd District, Los Angeles

About "The Rustam Report":
"THE RUSTAM REPORT" is a half-hour weekly series highlighting the latest in entertainment and local community news in Los Angeles. It also features celebrity guest interviews with renowned musicians, actors and actresses, company VIPs, radio personalities, various national and local politicians, and other notables. The program takes its namesake from the Publisher and Editor of THE TOLUCAN TIMES, Mr. Mardi A. Rustam, who gave Program Host, Denise Ames, her start as an on-camera News Anchor and Celebrity Interviewer. Ames writes, produces and anchors "THE RUSTAM REPORT" which airs on 10 cable channels throughout Los Angeles County appearing in normal weekly time slots on cable providers Charter Communications and Time Warner (formerly Adelphia and Comcast). News stories featured on the weekly program stem from the popular THE TOLUCAN TIMES newspaper, which caters to the community of Burbank and surrounding areas including the studios within like Disney, NBC and Warner Bros.  Recent guests on "The Rustam Report" include Gloria Allred, Linda Blair, John5 (of Rob Zombie) Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Sheriff Lee Baca, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, L.A. DA Steve Cooley, Stryker from KROQ FM, et al.