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"The George Lopez Show"


"Denise Ames is a true rarity in this industry. A polished diamond. Her sincerity is comforting, and her charm is embracing. I felt as if I were speaking to my sister the entire time; and I have her to thank for this. I only hope other entertainers are rewarded with such a light yet insightful interview by such an inspiring person. Denise, you made our interview a memorable one for me. Thank you!"
All my love,
Masiela Lusha

At the young age of 20, Masiela Lusha recently accomplished what most actors never do.  Before leaving the cast of the ABC hit, “The George Lopez Show”, she along with the show reached that coveted 100+ episodes mark.  Prior to landing her plum role, she had already appeared in films (“Cherry Bomb”) and on television (“Lizzy McGuire”).  Not one to rest on her laurels, Lusha is also an accomplished and published author as well as a poet.  By the age of 12 the Tirana, Albania native was the youngest author in the world to publish a book, “Inner Thoughts”, in two languages.  Her latest book of poems, "Drinking the Moon" is out now.  Currently residing in Toluca Lake, she has already lead quite a jet set life, inhabiting all different parts of the world.  She also lends her voice to various animation projects and is an avid scriptwriter.

BENNY DOMINGUEZ - Director of the News
NBC-4 Burbank


Benny Dominguez has been a Director of the News at NBC’s Burbank, Ca studios for over a decade.  He has won numerous awards for his work, both as an individual and as a team player including Peabodys and Emmys.  Dominguez is also currently branching out as a Producer for the upcoming feature film “Yankees West”, the true story about the now defunct baseball club, Pacific Coast League.  He also plans on making a documentary interviewing some of the players from that League including Dom DiMaggio, Tommy Lasorda and Sparky Anderson.

Madonna's Lead Dancer/Actor/Author


"Denise Ames handled my interview for The Rustam Report with the utmost integrity. She is a force to be reckoned with."
Carlton Wilborn


I loved your show this Sunday. I will be hooked with catching your show every Sunday!  Sammy from LMR and I are making it our Sunday routine.  I wish you would air in the OC.  We are watching Carlton Wilborn now. Your knowledge that you share with everyone is wonderful.  Keep up the great job!!!”
Stephanie and Sam Soofi, Van Nuys, Ca


Described as ‘long-limbed and suave’ by The New York Times CARLTON WILBORN’s work with Madonna has made him one of the most recognizable dancers in the world.   After relocating from his hometown of Chicago to Los Angeles 17 years ago, he was handpicked by the superstar to be her lead dancer on both her “Blond Ambition” and “The Girlie Show” world tours and appeared in her uber famous “Vogue” music video, but it was their dynamic pairing on stage for the controversial “Like A Prayer”, which provided one of the most memorable dance performances in history to be captured on film, in her movie “Truth or Dare”.   The Hollywood resident is also a working choreographer, actor, author, poet, director and model.  His television appearances include “The Practice”, “CSI: Miami” and “NYPD Blue”, and he also makes time to do charity work for a variety of organizations.  Wilborn granted The Tolucan Times an exclusive interview on the eve of his book debut “Front and Center – How I Learned To Live There”.

Film Critic


David Sheehan is a true pioneer of creating movie reviewing and celebrity interview segments for local newscasts.  His career as a film critic, host, producer and owner of the syndication/distribution company Hollywood Close-Ups has blossomed and grown to provide the entire nation with exclusive celebrity specials and more.  36 years ago, Sheehan appeared on KCBS-TV as the first reviewer/interviewer on a daily newscast in the history of television.  Two years later, via KNXT, he was the first commentator to ever critique television on television and soon became the first local newsman to ever work for two networks simultaneously: “America Alive” on NBC and “The Big News” for CBS.  He then moved on to hosting and producing “Backstage in Hollywood”, the first series of its kind for HBO followed by Showtime and ON-TV.  He has also created star-studded specials including “Macho Men of the Movies”, “Hollywood’s Leading Ladies” and the post Oscar retrospective “And the Winners Are…”  

In the early 1980’s, Sheehan produced and camera-directed “Pippin” (with Bob Fosse directing the performances and choreography), the first Broadway musical ever captured by cameras during a live stage performance, for Pay-TV, cable TV and home video.  Sheehan counts Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts, Governor Schwarzenegger and Michelle Pfeiffer as friends and always gets the hot scoop of those shining in the limelight.  He recently hosted his nationally-syndicated 11th Annual Pre-Oscar special “David Sheehan’s Academy Awards Preview 2006” featuring scenes and interviews from the nominated pictures and performances as well as interviews with all the top nominees.  Sheehan is also the author of one published novel “Before I Wake”.

REZA BADIYI - Director
Episodic Television


Born in Arak, Iran, Director REZA BADIYI got his big break from the legendary Robert Altman. Badiyi has directed over 400 hours of episodic television for the likes of Get Smart”, “Knots Landing”, “Baretta”, “Eight Is Enough”, “Starsky and Hutch”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Cagney & Lacey”, “Baywatch”, “TJ Hooker”, “Falcon Crest”, “La Femme Nikita” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”…just to name a few! And Mary Tyler Moore will vouch for Badiyi that it was his idea to have her throw her hat into the air at the end of the opening sequence for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in 1970! The Hollywood Hills resident currently lives in the house once owned by Jane Wyman and Ronald Reagan, and has his sights set on feature films.

Casting Director


“Denise you ROCK! Thank you for a great show and for your continued support. Your a class act. It is all about education, ambition, drive, determination and commitment! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing all your shows!”
Jeff Olan, Casting Director

Born in Gary Indiana, Casting Director and Owner of Jeff Olan Casting, Inc., JEFF OLAN embarked upon on his career as a communications and drama major at Indiana University. He then went on to graduate from the famed “Second City” comedy troupe and served as a nighttime deejay on WJOB in Hammond, Indiana for a few years. Prior to becoming one himself, Olan interviewed many entertainment business industry movers and shakers for the morning talk show “Olan’s Casting Report” on K-EARTH here in Los Angeles during the mid 1980’s. His acting skills landed him roles on the soaps “Capitol” and “Days Of Our Lives” along with guest appearances on prime time including “The Facts Of Life”. He co-founded Rainbow Casting in the early 1990’s and has since branched out on his own to form Jeff Olan Casting, Inc. The latter has become one of the leading independent casting agencies in the motion picture industry and still continues to grow. His casting credits include “U-571”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Net”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “From Dusk Till Dawn” as well as various hit television shows. Olan also currently serves on the Board for the upcoming San Fernando Valley International Film Festival.


"Sammy Davis Jr.: Me and My Shadow"


"I can't think of a nicer way than to spend an hour with Denise Ames being interviewed for THE RUSTAM REPORT; and talking about my favorite subject Sammy Davis Jr. and the Biographical Memoir I wrote about my life time best friend and business partner. She asked all the right questions to bring out just a small part of the story of the world's greatest entertainer. I am sure that Sammy would have been pleased, I know I was!"
Arthur Silber Jr.
Author and Best Friend to Sammy Davis Jr.

ARTHUR SILBER JR. met Sammy Davis Jr. at age 15 while both were in Hawaii.  Davis hired Silber at 21 and he became his closest friend and confidante.  The two experienced prejudice together, Davis was black while Silber was Jewish.  They formed Samart Entertainment as a business entity together and hung around such legends as MARILYN MONROE, KIM NOVAK and, of course, The Chairman of the Board, FRANK SINATRA.  Sinatra once said Sammy was the greatest entertainer who ever lived.  Silber and Davis shared a love of photography, westerns and matching gold medallions, of which Davis took with him to his grave. 

GLORIA ALLRED - Attorney & Author
Allred Maroko & Goldberg
"Fight Back and Win


"Denise is a terrific television host. She's well prepared a good listener and very entertaining. I enjoyed being a guest on her show."
Gloria Allred

My favorite interview was with Attorney Gloria Allred. WOW! That is a must see interview! You touched upon many key issues that mean alot to me! Her book "Fight Back and Win" is a great book...The issues of Equality and Privacy are oflten overlooked as a social norm and things like that need to be brought more into the public light! It was a very well done interview; my favorite by far!!! Rock On! I LOVED IT ALL!"

- Wolfgang S.

GLORIA ALLRED is the most prominent women's rights attorney in the United States and is one of the highest-profile attorneys in the world.  The Los Angeles resident has been a television commentator on Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Court TV, and is a three-time Emmy nominee for her television commentary on KABC Television Eyewitness News in Los Angeles.  She was rated one of the most important radio talk show hosts in America by USA Today, and has won the President's Award from the National Association of Women Lawyers and the 1986 President's Volunteer Action Award for her work in child support enforcement, presented to her by President Ronald Reagan at the White House.  She is a founding partner in the Los Angeles law firm of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg and a best-selling author with her 2006 release "Fight Back and Win".

"The Toy" "A Christmas Story"


Denise was a terrific interviewer, great ad-libs, a terrific smile and a great attitude! Thanks for being so good at what you do, makes it easier for someone going in cold to get comfortable.
I would tell anyone who asked me about you to do the show ! It was organized very well, enjoyable and interesting...Keep up the good work...Your friend and guest on the Rustam Report
Scotty Schwartz

Perhaps most famous for his two acting roles as a child star, “The Toy” with Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason, and as “Flick” in “A Christmas Story”, SCOTTY SCHWARTZ has continued to act throughout his teens and adulthood. He has appeared in such films as “Unseen Evil 2” and “You’ll Never Wieze in This Town Again” with comedian Pauly Shore. Schwartz has made numerous guest star appearances on television as well in hit shows like “21 Jump Street” and has played himself on VH1’s “I Love the 80’s” and “100 Greatest Kid Stars” (he was 85th). The E! Channel even devoted an entire hour to Schwartz’s life story in their coveted “E!: True Hollywood Story”. He currently still enjoys acting and also runs the Baseball Cards & Movie Collectibles shop with his father in Westlake Village (just north of Los Angeles). In his spare time, Schwartz is very active with charity groups, including Linda Blair’s WorldHeart Foundation.

Actress, Animal Welfare Activist


The Rustam Report allows Denise Ames the ability to be the new female version of Charlie Rose, most important in this day and age, and in our community!   
- Linda Blair

"I know I sort of have the inside scoop on the Linda Blair episode, but let me tell you that it is the best ever! (sorry Stephen!)"
Elizabeth R.

At age five, Linda Blair began working as a model in NYC for such companies as Sears, J.C. Penny's, Macy's and was selected as the CINDERELLA GIRL appearing for years in the NY Times magazine section. As a child, she also appeared in almost 100 commercials and took up horseback riding, beginning her extraordinary love for animals. In 1973, she beat out hundreds of hopefuls for the lead in the cult classic “The Exorcist” and garnered an Academy Award nomination, and both Golden Globe and People's Choice Award wins for Best Supporting Actress. Blair also appeared in TV movies including "Born Innocent", "Sarah T. Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic", "Sweet Hostage" with Martin Sheen, and "Exorcist II: The Heretic" starring with the legendary Richard Burton. She has appeared in over 50 movies and television shows such as "Roller Boogie", spoofed her iconic role in "Repossessed" with Leslie Nielson, and recently she made the family film “Monster Makers” with George Kennedy for The Hallmark Channel.

As a child, Blair always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian yet with her career taking up her all her time, she always felt that a part of her was missing. She believes how you treat your animals reflects on how you treat your children and the future of the planet. She authored the book “Going Vegan" in 2003 and realized that she could make a larger difference by becoming an entity where the public could also participate and support her efforts. She finally reached her lifetime dream of incorporating the non-profit Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation ( Through her organization she rescues dogs and cats from local L.A shelter's death row and provides medical care until they find a new loving home. She continues to educate the public on pet adoption, animal welfare, non-animal dietary choices and most recently has worked tirelessly to save numerous animal victims from Hurricane Katrina. She rescued 51 dogs from Louisiana and transported many of them back to Los Angeles where they are still receiving medical care for heart disease, heart worm, cancer and others are still waiting for a new forever home. She has received many accolades for her work in animal rights including PETA’s Humanitarian Award, Animal Rights 2001 Celebrity Advocate of the Year and the Helen Woodward Animal Centers 2003 Humane Award.

Linda Blair Color Me Mine Event PRESS RELEASE

Click here to read Linda Blair's Article in The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames

Actress, Animal Advocate


I had a wonderful time being interviewed by Denise Ames and not only is she lovely and a fantastic interviewer, but a fantastic humanitarian and advocate for animals!  She's the best!
- Jo Anne Worley

It was JO ANNE WORLEY’s crazy brand of humor which landed her a four-your stint on the Emmy-winning television show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”.  Her instinctive comedic timing and irrepressible laugh made her a favorite of audiences.  Since then she has accumulated a list of stage credits which reads like the best of Broadway, starring in the national companies of  “The Pirates of Penzance”, “Annie”, and more plus traveling extensively with “Hello, Dolly!” and “Gypsy”, for which she won her 5th Drama-Logue Award.  She guest-starred on TV in “Mad About You” and “Caroline in the City”, and she recently starred as the Witch in the New York and Los Angeles productions of “The Wizard of Oz”.  She also travels performing her one-woman-act all over the U.S.  Worley currently serves as Vice President for Actors and Others For Animals, a charitable organization that promotes humane treatment for all animals.  She recently appeared at the L.A. Commissioner’s office, which passed a vital spay/neuter law in Los Angeles!

Karen Sharpe Kramer - Actress
"Disorderly Orderlies" & "Rawhide"


"Denise Ames is a firecracker interviewer. Denise has energy and a quick mind, she doesn't miss a beat and is so smooth. She does her homework and is totally involved with her subject.  I've been interviewed many times through the years and Denise Ames can hold her own with the best of them. Denise belongs on a much bigger venue! They would be lucky to have her and besides
all that... she's beautiful!"

Karen Sharpe Kramer

Former actress Karen Sharpe Kramer has lead quite a star-studded life in Hollywood. She’s worked with the best of the best including Jerry Lewis, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Aaron Spelling to name a few. She has also appeared in over 100 Television movies and starred in 12 motion pictures. Kramer was also considered by Life Magazine
as TV’s busiest young actress and was the recipient of the Golden Globe Award as "Most Promising Actress" for her performance in the legendary film, The High and the Mighty (recently releasing on DVD and currently the highest grossing DVD on This extremely glamorous former ballet dancer and billboard model also graced the covers of Cosmopolitan and Pageant magazines. She ended her illustrious acting career to settle down and assist her husband as a producer, the late revered director/producer, Stanley Kramer. She has since established the Stanley Kramer Library, the Stanley Kramer Award at the Producer’s Guild and the Stanley Kramer Fellowship Award in Directing at UCLA (both honor socially conscious young filmmakers) on behalf of her late husband. She is also establishing herself as a producer, creating KNK Productions.

Click here to view Karen Sharpe-Kramer article from The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames

"My Three Sons" & "Gunsmoke"


"Denise is a dynamo! I don't think I ever covered so much of my life in any previous 15-minute interview -- which wasn't my doing, because she asked the all the right questions. Many thanks and good luck in the pursuit of your goals... "
Beverly Garland

Actress and entrepreneur Beverly Garland is not only an incredibly lively and passionate woman, but also a true living legend. She has worked with the best of the best in films during Hollywood’s Golden Age including Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart. She made her television debut in 1950 on "The Lone Ranger" and is still working today on shows like WB’s "7th Heaven". In 1957, the Los Angeles Times crowned her ‘Television’s First Lady’ and she received an Emmy nomination for her earlier work on NBC’s "Medic". A California native, Garland attended Glendale College as a drama major. She is the spokeswoman for The Interval House, which is dedicated to protecting battered women and abused children and has been serving as North Hollywood’s Honorary Mayor for the past three decades. She also owns the famous 255-room resort style Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in No Ho. 

Click here to view Beverly Garland article from The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames Insert


Malcolm-Jamal Warner – Actor/Musician
"The Cosby Show" & Miles Long


"Being on The Rustam Report felt more like a conversation rather than an 'interview'.  We NEED more of that!"
Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Probably best known as the lovable "Theo Huxtable" in the 1980’s sitcom phenomenon The Cosby Show, Malcolm-Jamal Warner has come a long way since those carefree days. After starring in another sitcom, Malcolm & Eddie, and becoming an accomplished TV Director, the Jersey City native is now co-starring in feature films, including the upcoming romantic comedy I’m Perfect with Wayne Brady, Sydney Tamiia Portier, Illeana Douglas and Margaret Cho, along with the independent film, Contradictions of the Heart. Harnessing his jazz roots into the band he currently fronts, Miles Long, he joyfully anticipates their upcoming sophomore release. Please visit for all things Malcolm!

Click here to view Malcolm-Jamal Warner article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames


FRITZ COLEMAN - Weatherman
 NBC-4 News


"She does her homework...and makes you feel very comfortable!
Doing her show is a breeze!"
Fritz Coleman (NBC-4 News)

FRITZ COLEMAN has been our local Channel 4 News Weatherman for over a quarter of a century and he has also been Honorary Mayor of Toluca Lake for the past decade. He performs comedy gigs at the Improv, The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store, and writes and stars in his one-man plays throughout the community. The successful comedian has opened for the legendary Ray Charles at the Universal Amphitheater and has performed on The Tonight Show eight times.

Click here to read Fritz Coleman article from The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames


Kar Kustomizer to the Stars


"I must admit that after having met Denise and then entering the film studio in Pasadena, how professionally she assigned my interview.  Her personal style in acquiring information about my various Hollywood Star and Celebrity Cars made this interview more interesting and entertaining.  It was quite an enjoyable experience for the many enthusiasts, as well as myself, that have seen my interview with Denise. More so, I would recommend her hosting any entertainment and informative TV show at any time."   
George Barris

Perhaps best known for customizing the Batmobile for the original TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward, GEORGE BARRIS has been the King of Kustomizers for a half century and owns Barris Kustom Industries, a staple of North Hollywood since the 1960's. Many of Barris kustom vehicles are still a beloved part of our culture including vehicles for The Munsters, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Flinstones and Knight Rider as well as the vehicles used in The Fast and the Furious and XXX. He has also designed a variety of vehicles for Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable even David Lee Roth! Barris now has two new upcoming series and recently finished work on feature films The Dukes of Hazzard and Adam Sandler's Benchwarmer.

Click here to read George Barris article in The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames


JACK O’NEILL - Vice President
NBC Universal


 "Great fun working with Denise. She is in the "biz" and clearly loves it and knows it. It was like having a conversation with a friend over a drink. Because of her outreach and comfortable factor, I was never once aware of being taped or the fact there was even a camera in the room. She kept everything moving and was in complete control and made the entire experience a real joy. She is absolutely beautiful with a wonderful major league on-air presence. Can not wait to see her when she lands her next gig on network TV. "
 Vice President at NBC Universal   Jack O'Neill  

Known around town as "Mr. Burbank", Vice President Facilities Manager , W.C. for NBC Universal, JACK O’NEILL has made his mark, not only at NBC Universal, but also in our community. With a BS and MBA in finance along with a law degree under his belt, this kind and gentle man is one of Burbank’s beloved citizens. Born and raised on Staten Island, NY, he went into the Marine Corps and in 1967 took a job at NBC at Rockefeller Center, including work on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. He also emcees many events in the area, including non-profits and enjoys volunteering and aiding the Burbank Unified School District. O’Neill is currently gearing up to celebrate his 39th anniversary with NBC.

Click here to read Jack O'Neill article from The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames Insert



RUDY SARZO - Musician
Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio


"The Rustman Report's Denise Ames is the consummate journalist.  During our interview I was very impressed by her in depth research about my music career as she fired one engaging question after another.  Among Denise's many extraordinary qualities is her ability to make you feel like you're reminiscing with a friend rather than being interviewed. I can't wait for our follow up interview."
Rudy Sarzo
Dio, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne

“Saw that pic of you and Rudy Sarzo on TV (age 16) - you have aged gracefully!” 

 Andy R., Northridge, Ca


"Great interviews..Can I trade you jobs for a week...Hahhhaahha
I really loved the one with Rudy it was really cool that people got to see some other sides to him..He's such a wonderful man.."
Elaine, California


Cuban born RUDY SARZO was raised in Miami prior to relocating to New York, Chicago and finally Los Angeles.  Voted the Number One Bassist by Circus Magazine in 1983, Sarzo has played the bass guitar for multi-platinum selling rock groups including the 1980's QUIET RIOT (whom opened the Legendary US Festival in '83)and for OZZY OSBOURNE with the late RANDY RHOADES.    He later moved onto WHITESNAKE and is currently playing with RONNIE JAMES DIO in DIO.  Sarzo recently penned the book, "OFF THE RAILS" about his days with his dear friend and fellow musician Randy Rhoades (available at   He is also heavily into computer graphics and animation, and provides his works to the likes of Sony Software, owned by Sony Pictures.   Sarzo runs his own myspace at

Rob "Blasko" Nicholson - Bassist
Ozzy Osbourne, x-Rob Zombie, The Death Riders


"I enjoyed my time with Denise on the Rustam Report. The interview was concise and thorough. I think we conquered a lot of ground in the short time that I was there. "

Rob "Blasko" Nicholson


“I was bored channel surfing last night when I just happened to catch your show... you were interviewing Blasko: Rob Zombie’s as well as Ozzy’s bassist. I have to say being that I'm a metalhead myself I think it's awesome that you get to interview some of Metals heavy hitters cuz you hardly see that on the Tely. ( I'm leaving out MTV cuz all they have is crap!!! my opinion at least ) Keep up the good work n KEEP IT METAL!”
David Y

Glendale, Ca


Rob “BLASKO” Nicholson was born in Orange County, Ca and grew up in the beach cities of Los Angeles.  He has been in a number of world renowned rock bands including Prong, Danzig and Rob Zombie.  He got his nickname “Blasko” during his eight years with Zombie because of his love for Bela Lugosi who’s real name is Bela Blasko.  Nicholson currently plays for Ozzy Osbourne’s band and endorses Coffin Case.  He also writes for RUIN Magazine and co-owns Mercenary Management.

Founder and Singer for


"In my 22 years with KMFDM I have done plenty of interviews and it is rare to meet someone like Denise Ames in this business.  She is well-prepared, charming, quick-witted and she made my appearances on The Rustam Report a memorable experience.  It was well worth my time and Denise made my day by being a rock-solid, knowledgeable and trustworthy host!"

"Thank you for letting me call into Sascha's show. Means a lot to me. Made me feel better about the break up with my boyfriend, and missing the show in Cincinnati. It was great to talk to you too, ma'am.
Again. Thanks. Meant the world to me." 
June, Cincinnati 


"WOW, what a blast:) please send me the video of the interview with KMFDM!"

 Beatriz, Charlotte, Michigan


"Looks like you had a great time with KMFDM last week! I think they get better everytime I see them!"



"I love Sascha too!  He handed me the drumstick at the Anaheim show while everyone just stared in awe.  He autographed it as well after the show!   Sascha is the best role model for other 'rockstars'.  He treats his fans the way that his fans dream of being treated! such a wonderful man... : )  I was at all three shows too.  You are so lucky to have a backstage pass! i know you had a great time and i'm very happy for you!  Wish I knew he was taping your show in my area!" 
Daisytam , Studio City, Ca


KMFDM Rocks and I'm so happy I got to see them with you!"

Matthew, Valencia


"Denise, I know your very busy and have a lot going on but just wanted to say THANKS again for setting up the questions for all us KMFDM fans, means a lot to us:) (hate that i couldn't see it live since im way over here in NC) also wanted so say a big THANKS for being a fellow animal lover, the world needs more people like you to help all the animals of the world.  Thanks for all that you do,"
Clint, Granite Falls, North Carolina


"Thank you so much for giving the opportunity for me and thousands of other KMFDM fans to watch this episode as some of us aren't lucky enough to live in beautiful California. I appreciate everything you have done for me."

Mando, Marion, Ohio


"I received the KMFDM episode DVD and autograpgh today, THANK YOU soo much, and loved all the animal ads inbetween segments, i wish the news channels over here would broadcast commercials like that to help spread knowledge of animal cruelty.  Thanks again,"
Clint, No. Carolina

Sascha Konietzko founded KMFDM, which means "No Pity for the Majority" when translated,  in 1984 in Germany.   Going under the name "Kapt'n K" he has taken his unique sound worldwide and gained millions of loyal fans of all ages.  Club favorites include "Godlike" and "DIY".  Currently residing in Seattle he writes most of the music and also provides the lead vocals.   The band is known for its strong political views voiced through their music.  KMFDM can be heard on many motion picture soundtracks such as "Johnny Nmemonic", "Bad Boys" and "Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2".   Sascha can be contacted at and you can visit for more information.

Brian Stace - Country Singer


“The Rustam Report is a great thing.  Denise’s hosting abilities are smooth and precise, the delivery is precise even funny if needed.  It was very easy to have fun and relax with her while being interviewed.”

Brian Stace

Country Singer

Country Singer BRIAN STACE divides his time between Los Angeles and Nashville as he embarks on his busy music career.   He decided to pursue his love of country music after being a passenger in the Southwest/Burbank Airport plane crash a few years back.  He tours relentlessly across the nation in a state-of-the-art tour bus in which he purchased himself that includes a rooftop fully-equipped lit stage!  He has also traveled to Iraq several times to perform for our troops abroad.  He has also played Sunset Boulevard's House of Blues on a number of occassions.  As an actor he has worked with Jenny McCarthy, WWE Wrestling and in the feature film "Little Big League".  Stace has distributed millions of CD's through his own label Little Round Records. 

JOHN5 – Musician

Rob Zombie / Marilyn Manson


“I saw The Rustam Report Saturday night with John5...METAL! You guys seemed so comfortable together, and you had some great questions!”

 Amanda B., Burbank, CA

JOHN5 began playing guitar at the age of seven in his hometown of Grosse Point, Michigan after watching the TV show "Hee Haw”.  At 18, he relocated to California to pursue a career as a professional session guitarist in which he worked on a number of projects including commercials, TV shows and film soundtracks.   His big break came in 1990 when he joined Lita Ford to open for KISS.   His next big break came over a decade later when he joined Marilyn Manson’s band for a performance on the “MTV Video Music Awards” show.  He then embarked on Manson’s Mechanical Animals tour and wrote the entire “Holywood” record.  In 2003 Ibanez Guitars released the John Lowery Signature Fender Telecaster which was soon dubbed, "the sexiest new signature guitar on the market".  John also wrote “The Golden Age of Grotesque” that same year for Manson.   A year later John left Manson and released his solo CD “Vertigo” followed by “Songs For Sanity”.  His solo releases include such legends as Albert Lee, Steve Vai and Les Paul.  Throughout his career he has also worked with Rob Halford, KD Lang and Dave Lee Roth.  John formed the band Loser, but was eventually forced to give that up when Rob Zombie asked John to join him for Ozzfest 2005, then Ozzfest 2006.  John wrote eight of the 11 tracks on Zombie’s recent release, "Educated Horses".   While he is currently on a massive tour with Zombie, John also serves as a role model for fans alike: he does not drink, take drugs nor smoke.



(formerly of) RATT, Arcade and Founder of Top Fuel Records
3rd Appearance


"I've done millions of interviews since giving myself away to the world of Rock journalism to be licked, kicked, loved and hated. But not many interviewers really know and I mean really know what, where and maybe even what the mighty Ratt band was all about...Let alone where it all began back in that Cellar in late 70's when I was kickin and screamin' learning my licks growing up in San Diego, CA. I really open up and feel comfortable with only so many people in this biz. They have to get the info. And Denise already had the info.  She was there singin' to my music in San Diego! This lady knows metal. She knows how to Rock. She knows how to Roll. She was there from the start, she's all Ratt n Roll! That Mickey Ratt Gal Rocks! That's Denise!
You’re the Best!"
(formerly of) RATT

"I want to thank you for the Stephen Pearcy interview – it was Great. Now I have seen you in action. Cheers to you! You deserve national exposure!"

 Marty, North Carolina


"You rock!  I dig your show and thank you so much for the Stephen Pearcy episode.   You do a great interview."
Steve, Dallas, Texas



This is Stephen Pearcy's third appearance on The Rustam Report.  His episodes have been by far the most requested shows and the most commented on of all.  Since his last appearance in May, VH1 re-edited Behind The Music: RATT and VH1 Classic's Heavy: The Story of Metal has been placed in massive rotation with Pearcy throwing down comments during the entire 4-hour miniseries.   There are talks of a RATT Reunion between the original band members (sans, of course, Robbin "King" Crosby, who passed away 6/6/02) as well as an Arcade reunion tour.  Even Juan Croucier (original RATT bassist) and his band may hit the road for a mini tour with Pearcy and his Rat Bastards.

Dio, Black Sabbath


"Denise Ames is the Fox News Channel of Rock!  Her drive and commitment is amazing! Denise knew things of me that I didn't know. She does ROCK!.."

Vinny Appice


Dio, Black Sabbath

Younger brother of legendary drummer Carmine Appice, VINNY APPICE took lessons from the same teacher as his brother at the age of 9 in New York.  While still in high school, he was working on a variety of projects with John Lennon at Record Plant Studios in NYC and joined forces with Rick Derringer in 1976.  Four years later he was asked to join Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio at the mic.  After seven albums the two teamed up to form DIO and recorded such hits as "Holy Diver" and "Rainbow in the Dark".  Appice also penned the book Rock Steady - A New Drum Method and plans on writing another in the near future.  Appice went back for two more stints with Black Sabbath, the latest including Ozzy Osbourne fronting the band.  Appice also contributed a song to the "Bedazzled" (Elizabeth Hurley/Branden Frazer) movie soundtrack, performed with The Michael Schenker Group and is now with the popular Hollywood Allstarz currently on tour.

KRISTY MAJORS - Pretty Boy Floyd


"My interview with Denise Ames was one of the best times I ever had.  She is intelligent, fun, effervescent and pretty. Watch out Paula Zahn!"
Pretty Boy Floyd
"I really loved the interview with you and Kristy Majors. It was absolutely fabulous. Great job!"
Sinderella, Tampa, Florida 

”You did an awesome job of interviewing Kristy Majors. You asked the kind of questions that the fans really wanted to know...AND you made sure he answered them too; awesome job. I REALLY enjoyed watching it and the fact that you made it possible for me to even do so in the first place...well, that's just incredible!! How many other reporters would go above & beyond like that?”

"Thank you for asking my question on the Kristy Majors interview that was killer.   Nice legs by the way ;) "
Anthony, Mt. View, Hawaii

“THANK YOU sooo much for your interview with Kristy Majors…It was Awesome!!  LOVE IT!!!!”

Simone, Australia


"Kristy told me that you had a really cool show! congrats..;)"
Mark Vachon, Los Angeles

KRISTY "Krash" MAJORS moved to Los Angeles from his hometown in New York in search of a record deal during his teenage years.  After playing just 8 shows with Pretty Boy Floyd, the band was signed to MCA Records.   In 1989, they released "Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz", which included the hit "Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire" written by Majors.   PBF songs can be found on various movie soundtracks including Karate Kid III and Switch.  After almost two decades with PBF he decided to leave the band and is currently working on a very successful solo career.  Despite the mud slinging and accusations causing the current "Pretty Boy Floyd feud", Majors' 2006 release "Sex Drugs 'N' Rock n Roll" spawned the songs "Wasted in America" and "Kids on Dope", both fan favorites.  He and former PBF'r Kari Kane are preparing for their tour of the UK and Norway in the Spring of 2007.   

MARTY CASEY - Singer/Songwriter
Rockstar: INXS
The Lovehammers


Born in Chicago and the youngest of five brothers and sisters singer/songwriter MARTY CASEY acquired a love for music at an early age and formed his band the Lovehammers at 14. He won the John Lennon songwriting contest and went on to audition for CBS's "Rockstar: INXS". After belting out "Listen Like Thieves" Casey won a coveted spot on the popular show and though he was forced to take 1st runner-up in replacing INXS's late singer Michael Hutchence, Casey was the people's choice to win. He and his band the Lovehammers opened for INXS during their 2006 World Tour and released Marty Casey and Lovehammers on Sony Epic Records earlier this year. Casey is currently shooting the music video for his original hit song performed on Rockstar and fan favorite "Trees".

LEMMY KILMISTER - Singer/Bassist


"I loved the Lemmy episode! My favorite part was when he said that one of his favorite Rock moments was when he had his go with TWINS! haha hell yeah. I respect how most of the 80's " Metal " bands don't consider themselves metal ya know? I understand that cuz back then pffft THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS METAL! they were known as hard rock, heavy rock or just plain ol rock. Most bands even hated the term Metal so I dunno I guess I agree with Lemmy as well as Iron Maiden cuz they also do not consider themselves metal.
Keep up the good work with your show Denise n remember.....
Demon of The Fall, Eaglerock, Ca

Motorhead celebrated its 30th Anniversary last year and is just as popular as ever!  Fronted by vocalist and bassist LEMMY KILMISTER, the rock group is best known for hits major hit "Ace of Spades", which was recently voted into the Top 10 Metal Songs of All Time by VH1.   They reach out to their fans worldwide on a yearly basis touring countries like Spain, Austria, UK, Ireland, Germany and of course, here in the U.S.  Motorhead (which also includes Philip Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on drums) has gotten into the WWE game where famed wrestler Triple H uses "King of Kings" as his ongoing theme.  Kilmister began Motorhead after being fired from his band Hawkwind in the 1970's.  Originally called 'Bastard', the band switched its namesake to 'Motorhead' for obvious PG reasons.  Motorhead has toured with other legends including Alice Cooper, Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne.  Kilmister has written several songs over the years for Ozzy including "Mama, I'm Coming Home" and "See You on the Other Side".  In 1991, Motorhead became the first metal band to ever appear on "The Tonight Show" and just last year they won the Grammy for "Best Metal Performance".  Kilmister has lived in Los Angeles for the past 16 years and is currently back in the studio recording before he and his boys set out for their next world tour beginning in the summer and continuing on through mid December. For all things Motorhead, please visit

MORA DE VOURA – Official Spooks Model
Coffin Case


"Finally a show that appeals to a wide range of culture. Denise Ames knows how to get the dirt! Whether it's music, fashion or current news.... Denise is on top of it! We had a blast on her show and we look forward to another appearance on 'The Rustam Report'".
Jonny Coffin CEO/Founder Coffin Case Company

"Denise Ames is simply SPOOKTACULAR!!! I always rely on 'The Rustam Report' on Sunday afternoons for my entertainment news...and Denise has the most FANGTASTIC guests! What a sincere pleasure it was to be interviewed by her! Bloody Kisses and Beast Wishes." 
Mora DeVoura, Official Spooksmodel of Coffin Case
and host of "The Mora Show"

JONNY COFFIN is a guitar player, writer, surfer, designer, and inventor. While playing and touring with his band many years ago, the native San Diegan visualized a concept for an unusual shaped case that not only fit the outline of the guitar, but also cast a deeper, darker image, hence the birth of the first handmade Coffin Case. He acquired domestic and international design patents for the Coffin shaped cases and the success of the Coffin Case has grown into a lifestyle company recognized worldwide with numerous product lines reaching into clothing, skateboards, snowboards, purses, and handbags. The North Hollywood plant has products featured in over 600 stores nationwide and several countries including Japan, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the UK. Keith Richards is the proud owner of two Coffin Cases and John5 is one of its endorsers. Be on the lookout for new designs coming out this year including “The Blood Drive” guitar peddle! Coffin Case fashion shows were the big hit at this year’s NAMM shows in Los Angeles and Austin.

MORA DE VOURA is known for her ghoulish figure and spooktacular smile. Coffin Case and Guitar World Magazine have distributed more one million CD-Roms episodes of “The Mora Show”, which features monsters, models, music and madness! She is often seen around town with her two sidekicks WolfBoy and KoKo the Gorilla. Her fave Coffin Case product? Why, the Coffin Case Purse, of course! Mora also moonlights as the country-western singer, Lynda Kay.


Lizzy Borden, George Lynch Group, Starwood


Like other musicians I've done tons of press over the years and a lot of them are dull and routine but this was nothing like that. The show and Denise Ames rocks. She is well prepeared, got great energy and is a great host. She should be anchoring Fox News!!" 
Marten Andersson

"I'll just try to keep up with you on your myspace. Isn't Marten Andersson adorable? Got to meet him here in Roswell during the Lizzie Borden show!"
- Wendy

For well over a decade, MARTEN ANDERSSON has been the bassist for the legendary hard rock band Lizzy Borden.  The Swedish native relocated to Hollywood during his teenage years and joined Lizzy and his gang when he was just 20.  They have since toured the world and played with uber groups such as Dio and Motorhead.  Andersson has also toured extensively with George Lynch (Dokken) and Vinny Appice as The George Lynch Group, recorded and performed with Starwood, and formed his own music group Legacy

In 2003, he penned the book "Make Label Contact/The Ultimate U.S. Source Directory" a reference and musicians guide, which quickly soldout.  Andersson is also an actor ("Sweet Justice" with Melissa Gilbert, "Rock N' Roll Detective" for NBC) and devotes much of his time and efforts to charity causes including cancer issues and animal rights. 

Lizzy Borden recently finished a tour with W.A.S.P. and are currently working on their follow up CD to 2000's "Deal With The Devil" with a world tour immediately following.


(formerly of) RATT
2nd interview on THE RUSTAM REPORT


Mickey Ratt Madness!
I've done millions of interviews since giving myself away to the world of Rock journalism to be licked, kicked, loved and hated. But not many interviewer really knows and I mean really knows what, where and maybe even what the mighty Ratt band was all about.
Let alone where it all began back in that Cellar in late 70's when I was kickin and screamin' learning my licks growing up in San Diego, CA.
I'm doing another interview, with who?
Denise Ames knows how to Rock? Who's my next victim?
On this day, Denise Ames that's who.
I really open up and feel comfortable with only so many people in this biz. They have to get the info. And Denise already had the info, she lived it with my band as a fan! It was like a trip thru my past.
She was there singin' to my music in San Diego! She knew what? She knew who? That's about as crazy as it get's, and I'm hearing this now? This lady knows metal. She knows how to Rock. She knows how to Roll. She was there from the start, she's all Ratt n Roll!
That's Ratt Madness! That Mickey Ratt Gal Rocks! That's Denise, that's how I know her now.
Your the Best,
Stephen Pearcy,  the Ratt Bastard!     

"The Stephen Pearcy shows were Friggin awesome!! I loved the video that you let out at the end. That was great! It was nice how you were able to make the show feel very open the way your freindship with Mr. Pearcy was easy to spot plus it made me giggle when he said shit and didn't know if he could or not! LOL"
- Wolfgang S.

Finally, the much-anticipated Behind The Music: RATT debuts this month worldwide on VH1. As RATT’s former front man and principal songwriter, STEPHEN PEARCY led his Hollywood band on huge sold-out world tours and moved almost 20 million records to date. The rock group hit it big with "Round and Round", which still receives heavy radio air play to this day. The band also furnished MTV with some of the most famous music videos of all time, including “Round and Round” and “Back For More”, both featuring Milton “Uncle Miltie” Berle. Other hits followed like “Lay It Down”, “Wanted Man” and “Way Cool Jr.”. Pearcy has stayed in the spotlight with his other bands including fan favorite Arcade, and as a solo artist, releasing new material as well as re-recording the most popular songs from RATT's heyday. The Studio City resident is also currently CEO and President of Top Fuel Records and Top Fuel Entertainment. He just happens to be the most popular guest thus far on “The Rustam Report” and came back for more (pun intended) with his follow-up appearance on our show. He recently released the CD "Stripped" and is starting on his much anticipated book "RATtails".

JANI LANE - Singer / Songwriter
(formerly of) WARRANT


"Denise deserves to go National! It was a pleasure to meet her before she made the jump..."
- Jani Lane

Originally from Akron, Ohio JANI LANE was born John Kennedy Oswald (his name changed for obvious reasons!)  After a stint in Florida, he moved to Los Angeles to play drums after reading about the happenings on the Sunset Strip in the early 1980's.  He joined Plain Jane and was made their frontman because of his long mane of blonde hair and his big blue eyes.  After writing songs like "Down Boys" and "Heaven" , he performed them at the audition to become a member of WARRANT and the rest is history.  "Heaven" wound up making it to #1 and the band sold over 10 million records with songs like "Cherry Pie" (which also generated one of the most famous MTV music videos of all time) and "Uncle Tom's Cabin" Lane has since branched out on his own (after going through extremely difficult times) and is now a solo artist.  He contributed the song "I Saw Red" and toured with VH1's Metal Mania - Stripped, The Acoustics last year, and has his own release, "Back Down To One", out now.  Lane also recently starred in a season of Celebrity Fit Club and is planning a tour of the East Coast, Europe and Japan. 

Dyna - Singer


Denise has got it GOIN' ON!  Not only is she a fantastic host, but she's also great person! Thanks for having me on your show!
- Dyna "ThundHerStruck"

Dyna hails from Texas, where she began her musical expedition at the age of 4 attending Yamaha Music School and joined her first rock band as a lead singer/keyboard player at 13. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has played bass in several rock acts, including Warbride, Sister Strange, 12 Angry Men, and Phantom Blue.  She also played bass in "The Bud Light Ladies" back-up band, The Party Girls.  In 2000, she hooked up with producer Mars Lasar for her self-titled debut album and their first song, "Innocent Affair" has been featured on 95.5 KLOS's Local Licks radio show. She is currently writing material for her second album.  Dyna is 1st degree black belt in the style of Tang Soo Do, graduated from Occidental College as a chemistry major and is currently working on her Ph.D. in biochemistry at UCLA.  She currently fronts the Ultimate All-Girl AC/DC Tribute act, ThundHerStruck playing all over Los Angeles and abroad, including Kuwait for our U.S. Troops.  They are set to release a CD as well.


Joey Grillo & Darren Lolk - Musicians
"The Who Show"


"You Better You Bet," We had an enjoyable Magic Bus ride down memory lane with Denise Ames. "Denise There is No Substitute 4 U." 
- Joey Grillo and Darren Lolk

Joey Grillo has been performing in the role of legendary lead singer Roger Daltrey for the tribute act The Who Show for just over a year now while Darren Lolk plays the role of windmilling Pete Townsend. Grillo has appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and owns his own production company. He also plays drums, guitar and harmonica. Lolk took to music while being brought up by his opera-singing mother and has been playing guitar for the past 15 years. The Who Show recently performed all the music for the play "Quad" based on the 1970's cult film "Quadraphenia", at the Avalon in Hollywood, including a special performance for Daltrey himself.

The Who tribute band performs at various charity and fundraising events, and currently plays at venues all over Los Angeles County and beyond.

Phil Lewis - Singer
   L.A. Guns


"I'm flattered that you have given me and my band( Or is that my band and I?) so much exposure, I loved our interview, so relaxed and friendly, I hope we can do many more in the future. You know, you have life long backstage and bus privileges at any of our shows.  You are Metal, Precious Metal." 
Phil  Lewis
LA Guns

"Watching the Phil Lewis interview right now. LUV HIM and Denise is CUTE as HELL! She is so entertaining to watch--her facial expressions. LUVING IT!"
Shelley A.

"You're job looks VERY interesting!  I saw the interview that you did with Phil.  He's the best.  Excellent friend."
Erin S.

The Hollywood glam band, L.A. Guns saw success beginning in 1988, after lead singer Phil Lewis took over for departing co-founding member Axl Rose (who went on to form Guns N' Roses).  Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Lewis was living in his homeland of Europe where he played with Phil Collen in the British rock band, Girl.  Shortly after Collen left to join Def Leppard, Lewis got a call from co-founding member Tracii Guns to try out for L.A. Guns in Hollywood.  After his audition, what he thought was going to be a 2-week round trip turned out to be 20+ years living near the Sunset Strip.  The success of their platinum release "Cocked and Loaded", which included their smash hit, "The Ballad of Jayne" along with "Never Enough" and "Rip & Tear", had L.A. Guns touring the world.  Lewis later left the rock group for four years and during that time, performed and released material with the bands Filthy Lucre and The Liberators.    Lewis rejoined L.A. Guns and participated in Metal Edge's Rock-Fest 2002 tour along with RATT, Dokken and Warrant.  Recent L.A. Guns releases include "Man In The Moon" and "Waking The Dead".  L.A. Guns is currently touring the U.S. Lewis is also a photographer and adopts otherwise unwanted birds and other animals.

Tyler Nelson - Guitarist
Great White


The show is great!  Keep up the good work.  Denise Ames rocks, is gorgeous and wonderful.  Nothin' but the truth, man!
Tyler Nelson, GREAT WHITE

TYLER NELSON, a Mojave Desert native, dreamt of flying SR-71 jets as a child, but instead turned to music at a very young age.  He started on drums and progressed to the guitar as his interest in The Blues took affect.  Prior to joining Great White (he replaced the late Ty Longley as guitarist after he parished in the Rhode Island clubhouse fire of 2003), Nelson played in Judge Jackson and Tumbleweed.  He currently tours with Great White and is also recording with his band, Wyldsky at a Napa Valley recording studio touching on old soulful and heavy rock, some country as well as ballads.  Nelson will be singing lead vocals and providing the guitar work on the project.  He is also working on solo material.  

Click here to view Great White article in Entertainment Today by Denise Ames

Veruca Salt 


Everybody that listens to alternative rock knows the slick sexy song "Seether"
. That would be Miss LOUISE POST harmonizing those killer vocals with her beloved band, Veruca Salt. The native of St. Louis, Missouri majored in English at Barnard College in New York and worked as a waitress, all the while writing songs since her early teens. She co-founded Veruca Salt in 1993 and by the following year released their first hit album American Thighs (including "Seether") and moved over half a million records worldwide. Post has also passed through many dramatic storms including two major break-ups; one with co-band member Nina Gordon (who quit in 1998) and the other with boyfriend David Grohl (of the Foo Fighters). She relocated to Los Angeles after a stint in Courtney Love’s short-lived band, Bastard. She and Veruca Salt just finished a U.S. tour and are currently writing for their next full-length release.

Click here to read Louise Post article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames


     Dead Kennedys


 "Denise is one of the most charming and professional interviewers I've ever had the pleasure of sitting down with.  Her passion for music is surpassed only by her passion for reporting, which makes for an all-around great entertainment-related show."
 Jeff Penalty - Dead Kennedys

JEFF PENALTY, a Philadelphia native and documentary filmmaker, took over for Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship of Eddie’s Father") a few years back to front the notorious and legendary punk band Dead Kennedys.  DK had an underground hit on their hands with ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ and recently re-released their debut album, Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables with a bonus DVD. The boys have recently performed at The X Games / X Fest at the Staples Center along with sold-out dates at the House of Blues on Sunset and the House of Blues San Diego.

Click here to read Jeff Penalty/Dead Kennedys article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames Insert


Formerly of  RATT


Mickey Ratt Madness!
I've done millions of interviews since giving myself away to the world of Rock journalism to be licked, kicked, loved and hated. But not many interviewer really knows and I mean really knows what, where and maybe even what the mighty Ratt band was all about.
Let alone where it all began back in that Cellar in late 70's when I was kickin and screamin' learning my licks growing up in San Diego, CA.
I'm doing another interview, with who?
Denise Ames knows how to Rock? Who's my next victim?
On this day, Denise Ames that's who.
I really open up and feel comfortable with only so many people in this biz. They have to get the info. And Denise already had the info, she lived it with my band as a fan! It was like a trip thru my past.
She was there singin' to my music in San Diego! She knew what? She knew who? That's about as crazy as it get's, and I'm hearing this now? This lady knows metal. She knows how to Rock. She knows how to Roll. She was there from the start, she's all Ratt n Roll!
That's Ratt Madness! That Mickey Ratt Gal Rocks! That's Denise, that's how I know her now.
Your the Best,
Stephen Pearcy,  the Ratt Bastard!     

"I just now got to sit down and watch the dvd of Stephen Pearcy.  Thank you so much! I cant wait to see RATT's VH1 Behind The Music... Tell Stephen he looks great!!"
Dawn S.

 "I happened to be channel surfing and landed on your interview show "The Rustam Report" and I was struck by how much better an interviewer you are than those talking heads on E channel or Entertainment Today, as you actually know your subject matter.  You were also well versed about your guest.  I saw your show with Stephen Pearcy.  Your rapport with him was fun!"  
Lance S.

"Just saw the Pearcy episode!  Totally Metal!!"
- Liz R.

Killer ass got more out of Stephen than most reporters...really cool!
- Sean W.

As the founder, lead singer, and principal songwriter of the globally popular rock band RATT, STEPHEN PEARCY led his band to multi-platinum success. With the release of their first full-length album Out of the Cellar, spawned their Top Ten hit single "Round And Round". Out of the Cellar went triple-platinum with "Wanted Man", "Lack of Communication", "Back For More" and "I'm Insane". Their music videos also became a staple on the then-breakthrough music channel MTV, most notably for "Round And Round" and "Back For More", which co-starred television icon Milton "Uncle Miltie" Berle. Sell-outs at large venue arenas on world tours soon followed with their 1985 release Invasion Of Your Privacy. "Your In Love", "You Should Know By Now" and "Lay It Down" all became hits while the latter shot to the top of MTV's television play list of music videos. In 1991 a compilation of their most popular hits on Ratt N Roll 8191 was released. RATT has sold over 17 million records worldwide. As a solo artist, Pearcy released Fueler in 2005 and the single "Drive With Me" was featured on ESPN2's NHRA Drag Racing Series television program. He then dropped Rat Attack, a compilation which features Pearcy re-recording many of his Mickey Ratt and RATT hits, and includes guest guitarists George Lynch (of Dokken fame) and Tracii Guns (founder of L.A. Guns). Pearcy recently appeared on VH1 Classic's Metal Mania Stripped Volume Two: The Acoustics and the Metal Mania Tour. The long awaited RATT: BEHIND THE MUSIC will debut on VH1 in April 2006.

Click here to read Stephen Pearcy/Metal Mania article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames


MIKE SCORE - Singer 
A Flock of Seagulls


Grammy-award winning and chart topping new wave group, A Flock of Seagulls hit phenomenal success with their 1982 decade-defining smash hit, "I Ran" and made "big hair" history with lead singer MIKE SCORE's famous "waterfall" do. Add their defining synthesizer space age sound, the infant music channel MTV, along with a room laced with mirrors and aluminum foil and what you got is still one of the most recognizable bands from that era. Score's "waterfall" hair-do is arguably one of the most famous hairstyles in music history and is still copied today (including in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore hit "The Wedding Singer" ). In 1982, the band won a Best Rock Instrumental Grammy for "DNA" from their debut self-titled release. Score wrote the band's other hits including "Space Age Love Song", "The More You Live, The More You Love", "Telecommunication", and "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)". AFOS recently did an episode of VH1's Bands Reunited and appeared on the NBC/Bravo series Hit Me Baby (One More Time).

Click here to read Mike Score article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames




 It was my pleasure being part of the Rustam Report. I've done alot of interviews in my day, and it's nice talking to a host that knows what the hell she's talking about. Denise Ames rocks! 
 Jaime St James

"Jaime St James is the epitome of rock and roll!!!" - Stephanie M.

JAIME ST. JAMES served as the front man for the popular 1980's Hollywood heavy metal band Black 'N Blue for over two decades and toured with the likes of Aerosmith during those years. He replaced original Warrant ("Cherry Pie", "Uncle Tom's Cabin", "Down Boys") lead singer Jani Lane two years ago and has toured extensively with Warrant ever since. The band's new CD Born Again is set for release midsummer 2006.

Click here to read Jaime St. James/Warrant article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames

Oscar Winning Composer  – Finding Neverland


"The show with Jan A.P. Kaczmarek was very informative. I loved it when you got him to open up about how Poland and Hollywood are locked in this fine economical game and how you brought up his choice to pursue a carrer in music when he could have been a lawyer was great as well as how you were able to get a very human relation kinda thing out of the story of him coming down from winning an Oscar! He's a very great man and one hell of an artist - I loved that show!"
- Wolfgang S.

Jan Kaczmarek, who won the Academy Award last year for Best Original Score (Finding Neverland
starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet) and recently performed "Journey to Light" featuring music from his incredible body of work at UCLA’s Royce Hall. Compositions from the Oscar-nominated film Unfaithful, along with Quo Vadis, The Third Miracle and of course, Finding Neverland, were presented to commemorate the inauguration of both the Polish Film Institute and the Polish Audiovisual Publishers. Throughout his years as a musician he has played various instruments, including the harp, and eventually progressed to obtaining his own orchestra. 16 years ago he relocated to the U.S. yet remains very connected to his country, visiting Poland every year and becoming heavily involved in restoring historical buildings, including a 19th century castle. Kaczmarek is currently writing Oratorio 1956, a symphonic piece to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the major uprising against the communist government in his native city.

Click here to read Jan A.P. Kaczmarek article from Entertainment Today by Denise Ames



 Benchwarmer Model

Tiffany's Official Benchwarmer Trading Card



TIFFANY LEE RICHARDSON was born in Huntington Beach, California and has been a working model and actress for the past 12 years. She no longer poses for the camera, but continues to study acting working with the famous Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles. Tiffany has done 13 national commercials and performed on "The Young & The Restless" and "Sunset Beach." She has appeared on over 100 posters and more than 50 magazine covers, and is probably best well known as Miss Makita 1995 and is one of the more popular Benchwarmer Models. She has also acted as Host for ESPN's Pro Beach Hockey telecasts. Tiffany is still pursuing commercials and TV Hosting and also works with animals.



Los Angeles City Controller


"Denise Ames is a talented and provocative interviewer.  She can make complicated issues fascinating and understandable. The Rustam Report with Denise Ames is a must watch." 
Laura Chick, Los Angeles City Controller

Los Angeles City Controller LAURA CHICK is the 17th to be elected into this office and the only woman to hold a city office in Los Angeles to this day.   She was re-elected with an astounding 82% of the vote.  Chick was named "#1 Communicator of 2004" in the nation by PR Week and with her tough audtiting processes is known around town to find numerous oversights. She is a graduate of both USC and UCLA.

DENNIS ZINE - Councilman
Third District, Los Angeles


"Denise Ames is a very professional, experienced interviewer with direct and exploring questions and a keen focus on community issues. Her knowledge of current events and important programs in the Los Angeles region makes her a quality reporter, and I have enjoyed the experience of working with her."
Dennis P. Zine
3rd District, Los Angeles

As Third District Councilman, DENNIS ZINE represents the communities of Canoga Park, Reseda, Tarzana, West Hills and Woodland Hills/Winnetka.  Prior to his being elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2001, the LA native was a 33-year veteran of the LAPD.  He also formed the community volunteer group, P.O.S.S.E. (People Organized for a Safe Secure Environment) comprised of concerned citizens who are professionally trained to go out into the community and make sure things are right.  He even has his own live TV show on Time Warner public access channel 37 each month, “Time With Zine” the first Thursday of each month at 8pm!  His Mission Statement reads: “As your Public Servant, my Staff and I Pledge to improve the quality of life in our district, maintain public safety, follow up your concerns in a timely manner, keep you informed of issues in the district, attend your meetings and events, and have the communities priorities come first.”

Steve Cooley - Los Angeles District Attorney


"Fast moving and fun -- enjoyed my time with Denise on The Rustam Report!
I look forward to a return visit."

Steve Cooley

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley took office five years ago and has since reshaped the DA’s office with the most sweeping reorganization in 40 years. Known for his cracking down on corrupt politicians and attorneys, his Justice System Integrity Division has filed numerous cases against crooked lawyers with a 100 percent conviction rate, which no doubt aided in his re-election in 2004. The former L.A. police reserve officer is heavily involved in cold case solving (including the conviction of the man who killed two El Segundo police officers 47 years ago). He also promotes many crime prevention programs like Protecting Our Kids, (giving parents the tools they need to protect their children from internet prowlers).

Click here to read Steve Cooley article in The Tolucan Times by Denise Ames

 Fourth District  Los Angeles


"Denise Ames and The Rustam Report should be the first visit for any elected official or civic leader interested in talking to the people of the San Fernando Valley about the issues they care about. If only there were more programs like hers!"
Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky

Elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1994, Supervisor ZEV YAROSLAVSKY has since been re-elected to that post twice. Representing the Third Supervisorial District, including Hollywood, Los Feliz, the Wilshire corridor, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village and our own San Fernando Valley, he prides himself on listening to the people. Case in point: When the people said they wanted better landscaping, Yaroslavsky spent eighteen million dollars on the gorgeous green belt we now have across the San Fernando Valley. The people wanted a bike path; he built one from North Hollywood to Warner Center. The lifelong resident of Los Angeles fights hard against dead-beat parents, overspending and is extremely proud of his latest accomplishment: The Orange Line, an idea he conceived on the back of a napkin while on an airplane!

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TOM LABONGE - Councilmember 
Third  District  Los Angeles


Councilmember TOM "Mr. Los Angeles" LABONGE has almost 30 years of public service under his belt. His nickname stems from his vast knowledge regarding people who helped create the massive city of Los Angeles. The Southern California native has represented the Third Council District since 2001. During his teen years, he served on then Mayor Tom Bradley's Youth Advisory Council. He was also Special Assistant to former Mayor Richard J. Riordan and later became Director of Community Relations for the LADWP. LaBonge served as co-chair of the Griffith Park Resource Board as well as past chair of the advisory group for the park. He continues his involvement in the revitalization of the Los Angeles River and the development of the River Bikeway.

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LEROY D. BACA - Sheriff
Los Angeles County


 "Denise is a tough interviewer - she doesn't throw out softball questions.  She's informed, well-prepared and is clearly very good at what she does. Those television viewers wanting real news and information would be well served by having more news professionals like Denise Ames." 
Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca

SHERIFF LEROY BACA is our 30th Los Angeles County Sheriff. Born in East L.A. the Mexican-American served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1960’s and began his public service career 40 years ago as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Trainee. In ’81 he was appointed Captain of the Nortwalk Station, promoted to Commander, and promoted again to Chief by then Sheriff Sherman Block. Baca graduated from USC with a doctorate of public administration in 1993 and aided in the merger of the Sheriff’s and Marshall’s Departments, saving L.A. County taxpayers $14 million a year. In 1998, Angelenos elected him their L.A. County Sheriff where he currently commands the world’s largest Sheriff’s Department, supervising over 13,000 personnel.

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Rockline Radio


"As an interviewer myself, I'm always a bit leery when I sit down 'on the other side  of the table' to have questions fired at me. Denise Ames was remarkably well prepared and personable. She knew when to leave her list of predetermined questions and simply converse. To me that's the mark of a really good interviewer, someone who creates a road map, but isn't afraid to take some pleasurable side trips either. And she has such great presence too, truly a winning combination".
Bob Coburn
Rockline Radio

Rockline’s BOB COBURN has been on the radio airwaves since 1968, including hosting the legendary show for well over the last decade.  In the 1980’s he hosted “Night Tracks”, a TV show on TBS along with Frazer Smith and Cynthia Fox.   Billboard Magazine has voted Rockline the Best Syndicated Show for five years along with bestowing other numerous awards on the program.  He has interviewed everyone from the late great ex-Beatle George Harrison to the flamboyant Steven Tyler.  Rockline is this nation’s only Nationally Syndicated Show – if you live in the Los Angeles area you can listen to Bob Coburn on Rockline at 10pm Saturdays and 8:30pm Mondays on 95.5 KLOS FM.



"Denise Ames is not only a beautiful sight to behold, she is one of the most talented interviewers in the business. She comes well prepared and knows the right questions to ask. My experience on her show was one of the most memorable in recent memory. She is a genuine person. She cares about people and animals and has a passion for entertainment and music. As successful as she is now i can see her become one of our most well respected TV personalities in years to come. I am honored to have been included on her show and interviewed by such a wonderful lady! Thanks Denise!"
Jeff "JJ Star" Duran

After a stint as a child actor ("The Wonder Years"), JEFF "JJ STAR" DURAN became a stand up comedian on a dare and has since kept 'em laughing at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, The Improv, and The Ice House, in Los Angeles and abroad.   He has opened for everyone from Pauly Shore and Mike Epps to Ted Nugent and Great White, thus earning him the title "Rock 'n Roll Comedian".  In 2000, Duran hosted a metal show on KLSX 97.1 in L.A. and moved on to a regular weekend deejay gig for Riverside's premiere heavy metal music radio station X103.9 FM, where he can be heard to this day.  His latest album "Still Kicking" was released this year and he is currently working on a feature film.

STRYKER - Deejay
KROQ 106.7 FM


"The show with Stryker from KROQ FM was fun and informative. I adore how you touched on his other "jobs" in DJing and Film and the such... That was great! And you asked strong questions about his past and his goals for the years to come - fantastic!"
- Wolfgang S.

is the #1 radio station in the Nation and STRYKER is its #1 Deejay. Taking the airwaves by storm weekday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on 106.7 FM in Los Angeles is just one of the many talents Stryker possesses. The native of L.A. also enjoys emceeing events in the Hollywood area as well as acting. You can catch him in the feature film "Grandma’s Boy" in theatres now. He is also SPIKE TV’s Host on The Ultimate Gamer and "The Voice" of EA Games’ award-winning Burnout 3: Takedown. Not bad for a guy who scored his first radio gig at a bar over a few drinks while attending The University of Arizona in Tucson.




"The Rustam Report is a great place to hear about whats up in entertainment as well as whats going on locally.  I highly recommend checking it out."
 Junkman KNAC.COM on air personality 

When Nirvana killed the heavy metal scene, KNAC 105.5 FM was no more because metal radio couldn't make it post-grunge in Los Angeles. For the past eight years, JUNKMAN has been blasting his metal tunes from the KNAC.COM "The Loudest Dot Com on the Planet" offices located on Melrose Avenue smack in the middle of Hollywood from 3pm to 7pm every Monday for the "Loudest 4 Hours on the Internet". KNAC.COM is currently the most listened to heavy metal station on the Internet in the world. Junkman also writes articles and is a Reverend, licensed to perform weddings and funerals.

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 Morning Edition KPCC 89.3 FM


 "Denise has an innate ability to make time fly during the Rustam Report. She doesn't "interview" as much as "converse" and made me feel like a guest in her home."
Steve Julian, Morning Edition News Anchor on 89.3 KPCC (NPR Affiliate)

Award-winning Morning Edition Host STEVE JULIAN has been a staple of the NPR Affiliate KPCC 89.3 FM for the past six years. He covered City Hall for KWOW radio then moved over to KFXM and KDUO in San Bernardino. After reporting traffic problems from AirWatch America in Santa Ana for a couple of years, he joined KPCC (the fastest growing public radio station in the country). Julian also contributes stories to National Public Radio periodically and has won an Edward R. Murrow award, LA Press Club awards (including for Investigative Reporting on "Cold Reading Workshops") and three Golden Mikes.