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ED ASNER - Actor



"Denise Ames is not only gorgeous, but she causes me to cower at her intellectual depth cloaked in a cape of diaphanous modesty.  She's a winner."
Ed Asner

7-time Emmy Award winning actor ED ASNER was born in Kansas and later came to Hollywood to act in television series such as "Route 66" and "The Untouchables" often playing more than one character during a show's run.  He is the only actor to ever receive 2 Emmys for playing the same role on different programs: As "Lou Grant" on the hit comedy "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and in the drama "Lou Grant".  He has appeared in many feature films including Oliver Stone's "JFK" and Will Ferrell's "Elf" as "Santa Claus".  Asner also served as a former President of the Screen Actors Guild and is known for being outspoken about his political views.    His latest project has him working opposite Peter O'Toole in a movie on location in Canada.



“Thank you for the great interview on your show. I appreciate how much work you put into preparing. You are a Pro! I had a great time with you and I look forward to the next one.”

Casper Van Dien, Actor


"I wish I knew about Casper Van Dien, I woulda ditched work for that. I LOVE Starship Troopers!"

Sam, Van Nuys 

Most recognize CASPER VAN DIEN as the lead in the feature film "Starship Troopers" and more recently from Lifetime’s reality show "I Married A Princess".  In the latte he co-starred with his real-life wife Catherine Oxenberg of "Dynasty" fame.  The two teamed up again for My Network 13’s series “Watch Over Me”.  Van Dien’s started out with guest appearances on "Beverly Hills 90210" and the soap opera "One Life To Live", which earned him People Magazine’s Sexiest Soap Star in 2000.   Tim Burton also called on him to co-star in the cult favorite "Sleepy Hollow" alongside Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken.  He is currently gearing up for "Starship Troopers 3", which will shoot in Africa this summer.

ERIC BLOOM - Blue Oyster Cult


"Denise's interviewing skills are only surpassed by her beauty.  She should be on national TV!"
Blue Oyster Cult

"Oh my gosh! Blue Oyster Cult! You lucky girl!  The segments are more awesome each day."
Karen Spooner, San Diego

"I grew up loving BOC, have to say, they were, are and always will be Simply the BEST, live it!  YOU SO ROCK!"
Vince, New Hampshire

"Everyone seems so nice and relaxed on your show. I'm so envious of you, getting to meet Eric Bloom and all!"
Hulken, Europe

"Denise thanx for keeping all us Blue Oyster Cult fans informed on what is happening!"
Dora, East Coast


Eric Bloom is a co-founder of the legendary rock group BLUE OYSTER CULT.   From 1968 to 1971 they were known as Soft White Underbelly then changed their name to BOC.  Columbia Records signed them in 1972 and Creem magazine named them "Best New Band".  Four years later "Don't Fear The Reaper" came out and all bets were off.  They followed that phenomenon with hits like "Godzilla", "City's on Flame" and "Burnin' For You".  With over 20 albums to their credit the band is still performing all over the U.S.  Bloom is also a founding director of "Make a Wish" in New York and has his own guitar line.  Bloom runs his own myspace at

GARY OWENS - Voice Artist/Actor


"It was great being on ‘The Rustam Report’; Denise has all the components needed to make it to Network TV. She is pretty, intelligent, and asks different kinds of questions than most interviewers. It was fun being there!"
Laugh-In/TV, Film, Radio Star

"We enjoyed the interview with Gary Owens, of SpaceGhost fame. I learned so much about him and about that era in television. Awesome! Your show is rockin!"
Sam, Van Nuys

"Sammy and I ate lunch at his place to catch your show :) Thanks for sharing Gary with us and all your news. You Rock!!!!"
Stephanie, Orange County 

GARY OWENS possesses one of the most recgonizable voices in the entertainment industry.  He began in radio and moved on to television and movies.  He is probably most known for his work on the TV staple "Laugh-In" as the Announcer for years.  Owens received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1980 and has done countless voices for cartoon characters including the beloved "Space Ghost".   He was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 1995 and has worked with John Wayne, Madonna, and the late Ronald Reagan among many others.  Owens is currently out promoting Laugh-In slot machines at a variety Indian casinos. 

KENNY KINGSTON - Celebrity Psychic


"The Sweet Spirits and I enjoyed our television visit with you, Denise.  You're a joy to work with - professional and extremely well-prepared as a hostess.  Let's do it again!"
Kenny Kingston
World-famous psychic/medium and motivational speaker
Celebrity Psychic KENNY KINGSTON has been around for decades.  He began his journey communicating with those on ‘the other side’ when his mother and actress Mae West pointed out he had a special gift.  He has since given readings to Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, Hugh Jackman, Whoopi Goldberg, John Wayne, even Princess Diana.  His television program “Kenny Kingston: A Psychic Experience” was a huge success for many years.  His infomercial for his “Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline” has generated millions for his sponsors and helped countless individuals.   He has published two very successful books recently: Making Your Goals a Reality and I Still Talk To…  Kingston currently lives in a glass-walled home in Studio City. 

Reality TV Star/CEO/Musician/Designer


“Usually, I have had the luxury of taking part in TV interviews with my other half Danny Bonaduce (and that IS luxurious because he has always saved me when things would start to go awry)...This was not the case this time.  I had the honor and privilege of being invited by Ms. Ames to participate in a one on one interview for the TV show ‘The Rustam Report’.  Of course...I was terrified, but I needn't have worried.  She asked me very interesting questions.  I felt like I was having a mimosa over lunch with a very dear girlfriend.  We laughed, we cried (not really) but BOY - did we have fun!  I'll always remember you as my first Denise!  I would encourage anyone who is lucky enough to garner an invitation to be on the show to jump at it.  JUMP NOW!!!  You will be glad you did!”

Gretchen Bonaduce

“Breaking Bonaduce”/CEO/Musician


"I absolutely adore Gretchen!  Thanks for keeping it real!"


"Gretchen ROCKS...I luv the girl..she is a PUNK ROCK MOMMA!"

Ty, Alaska


"Gretchen Bonaduce is awesome!  What a beauty she is.. We hope to see more of her and YOU !  I bet you two had a blast together!  Thanks for all you do."

Judy, Mountain View, Arkansas


"WOW! Great interview. Gretchen looks so beautiful and radiant. And looks like she is having fun."

Rayene, Michigan


"Great interview with Gretchen. Seems like everyone enjoys coming on your show. Your one of the best!  One word......Syndication."
Brian , Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


GRETCHEN BONADUCE has starred along side her husband Danny Bonaduce (of "The Partridge Family" fame) in the highly rated Vh1's "Breaking Bonaduce" for the past two seasons.  She also fronts the punk band The Muddflaps and has her own clothing line: Countess Couture.  Her designs include skirts, corsets and coming soon; formal gowns.  The Illinois native has also been featured in the documentary "Momz Hot Rock" and performed live at Mommapalooza.

RIK FOX - Musician/Performer


“If I want to be in the know I’ll be watching The Rustam Report with Denise Ames.  It was my pleasure to be a Featured Guest and be able to “Tell the World” about what is currently going on in my life!  You’re the Best, keep on rockin’!  Cheers,”


"So Rik Fox was on your show!  That's great!  Hell yeah! He's Polish -
my homie!
Rav, Poland 
Performer RIK FOX moved to Los Angeles from New York during the glam/heavy metal heyday of the early 1980’s.  He began his career as a musician in the rock group WASP with Blackie Lawless, moved on to Steeler with Ron Keel, Sin and other Hollywood scene favorites.   His credits earned him a spot in the infamous documentary “Decline of Western Civilization – II: The Metal Years” and appearances on “Vh1 Driven: Motley Crue”.  After years in the rock ‘n roll biz Fox switched to raising Polish Historic Awareness and Culture through his living history portrayals throughout L.A.  Under Rik Sulima-Suligowski Fox he became America’s first Officially Recognized Polish Winged Hussar historic re-enactor by the Polish American Congress Vice-President this year.



"I love Denise, she's not only beautiful, refined and way classy, she's
also so down to earth and groovy.  I loved doing The Rustam Report.
Denise made me feel comfortable and asked the best questions.  She was also very prepared, an extreme rarity amongst celebrity interviewers. Thanks for being the best, Denise."
Dave Shelton, Producer

DAVE SHELTON is the co-executive producer of the new sitcom "Against Type" airing on ISSA TV.  He is also the creator of the internationally popular children's cartoon character Snuggy Bear.  Besides childrens programming Shelton also writes horror screenplays including Nightmare Carnival, and Shrieking Violet.  As a song writer, he penned the theme song for the Special Olympics.